During labor, contractions push the baby down the birth canal. The head must contact the bones of the mother’s pelvis to mold and fit through the canal. If the mother’s pelvis is misaligned, this could have an effect on the amount of time it takes the baby to mold, and as a result can lengthen labor. Anything we can do to reduce the labor time will allow the mother to have more energy at the end for pushing and reduce the need for medical interventions. For this reason, chiropractic care can be your most valuable resource in birth.

In addition to helping during pregnancy, we LOVE to help during birth! We are frequently called by birth professionals or by the laboring mother to help DURING labor. In that instance, instead of the patients coming to us, we go to THEM during labor! The bones of the pelvis and sacrum move during labor for the baby to come through the birth canal. If they don’t move easily, it could cause problems like “failure to progress”. Adjusting the bones of the pelvis and sacrum during labor, allows the movement necessary for labor to progress normally. Ours was the first chiropractic office in this community exclusively helping this population. We feel blessed to serve in this unique way!

Watch this video to get a great visual of the relationship between the bones of the pelvis and labor


There are several factors involved in a good latch. One of them is proper alignment of the baby’s jaw. A gentle adjustment of the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) by a chiropractor experienced in pediatric care can make the difference. In our practice, the treatment is typically one adjustment. Proper alignment allows the mouth to open wide on both sides. Another problem that can affect breast feeding has to do with the alignment of the bones at the top of the spine. When the Atlas (C1) vertebra (the very first vertebra under the skull) misaligns, it can make the baby turn the head to one side and make it difficult to turn to the other. This affects the latch and affects milk supply for the mother. A gentle adjustment of the Atlas by a chiropractor experienced in pediatric care can make a big difference.

Follow this link for a video tutorial demonstrating how to achieve a good latch.
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