The Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique used to align the pelvis, allowing the baby to get into an optimal position for birth. Here’s a brief explanation of anatomy that tells why this technique has so many positive effects on the position of the baby and on labor:

The pelvis is made up of the ilium, ischium and pubic bone. The sacrum is the lowest portion of the spine located between the ilia. The uterus sits nestled within this bony bowl. There are soft tissue attachments (ligaments and muscles) that support the position of the uterus in relation to the bones. If the bones of the pelvis are misaligned, the soft tissue in that area get tugged and pulled and cause the shape of the uterus to change (think basketball into football, for a visual example). This can cause a restriction of space for the baby and may result in malposition. In other words, the baby can get into a compromised position (breech, transverse or OP) because of the uterus’ shape. By aligning the pelvis, the soft tissue relax, the uterus regains the normal shape, allowing the baby to get into an optimal position for birth.

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