Most women come to our office to have optimum pregnancies, to make their pregnancies more comfortable, to achieve balance in their spines and pelvis, and to improve their labor experience/outcome.

As your baby grows, there are physical stresses placed on your body. As a result, muscles tighten (to allow balance and support) and often cause the vertebrae to misalign, producing some typical pregnancy symptoms. MOST of these common complaints experienced by pregnant women respond remarkably well to chiropractic care. These include: musculoskeletal issues such as low back pain, hip pain, pain at the pubic bone, mid back pain, rib pain, and sciatic nerve pain. Headaches, swelling , breathing difficulties (associated with rib pain), varicose veins and general discomfort are also reduced with chiropractic care.

Clinical findings are showing us that using the Webster technique in pregnancy may lead to easier, safer pregnancies and births. Dr. Gabaldon has received advanced training and is certified in the Webster Technique.

In addition to helping during pregnancy, we LOVE to help during birth! We are frequently called by birth professionals or by the laboring mother to help DURING labor. In that instance, instead of the patients coming to us, we go to THEM during labor! Some situations, such as slowed labor or failure to progress may benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Once corrected, typically, labor progresses normally. Ours was the first chiropractic office in Central Florida exclusively helping this population. We feel blessed to serve in this unique way!

Click on the “TESTIMONIALS” tab for video testimonials from patients explaining how chiropractic care helped them during pregnancy.

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