Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

Only six hours after my Webster adjustment, my 1st son arrived in this world. This was such a great experience that I will always recommend this to others. Should we decide to have another child at some point, I will also go back in a heart beat. Worth every penny!

Lauren Sanchez

Dr Gabaldon loves kids and women! (And men too of course). She has a heart for helping and is very knowledgeable about how to best help in a given situation. Personally she helped me with my first pregnancy with pubic symphysis pain and now with my second. She also adjusts my toddler and he is ahead of his peers in his coordination and strength.

Carolyn Bonaventura

I called Cynthia a week before I was due with my third daughter. My sacral joint felt uneven and extremely painful at times. Although Cynthia was getting married the next day, she agreed to meet with me for an adjustment. I told her that I could try to wait until she got back from her honeymoon, but she was insistent that I be adjusted before going into labor. I was so grateful that my health and birth were that important to her and was even more grateful to have my back pain relived a few days before labor began. Thanks Cynthia!

April Williams

Dr. Gabaldon is a passionate doctor who has her patients’ best interest at heart. She is gentle and caring, and goes far out of her way to take care of people out of real love for them and for her profession. She drove all the way to Tampa to adjust my sister in law when she was in labor (in the middle of the night!), met me in her office at midnight to put one of my employee’s arm back in the socket when she threw it out at work (boy was THAT nasty!), and has adjusted my daughter and myself for years to the benefit of our health. She is knowledgable about nutrition, utilizing natural supplements, foods, and essential oils, and has studied extensively how to keep a body well- a VAST difference from physicians who stand with a script pad in one hand and the other on the door knob. She understands how emotions play a part in one’s overall well-being, and speaks to those issues as well. You can not go wrong in seeking out her professional help.

Jennifer Singh

We absolutely love Dr. Gabaldon! She helped me feel so good during my pregnancy and now after. My son is now 9 months old and has been seeing her since he was several days old. We are all healthier and happier because of the care we receive here. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. G and her staff!

Nikki Hyatt

Dr. Cynthia is so knowledgeable and helpful even to a retired ballerina, like me. While not the professional performer from days gone by, I do still dance and teach workshops, at age 56 and need the occasional adjustment. Even though Dr. Cynthia specializes in chiropractic for pre and post natal women, she so graciously works with people in all ages and stations of life. Love her bubbly personality that overflows with helpful information to keep us healthy! Thank you Dr. Cynthia!

Lynn Hayden

I was told that my baby was breeched and I had a low lying placenta. I was a little disappointed because all my ob/gyn spoke about was how I would end up being a cesarean, and I asked if there was any way to flip the baby, and he said no. I was searching online and saw great reviews for Dr. Gabaldon. So, I went to Dr. Gabaldon’s office on Friday January 27th for the Webster technique. The next day after getting the adjustment done, I felt the baby was transverse, after that I felt her move and get into a vertical position, I didn’t know if she was head up or down. Well, she’s head down and my placenta moved up! And everything is in perfect conditions! I couldn’t be more excited! And I can’t thank Dr. Gabaldon enough! She was extremely nice and explained everything clearly! Will be returning for regular adjustments when the baby is born!

Nicolle Aguiar Guevárez

Love, Love, Love Gabaldon Chiropractic! Cynthia Gabaldon DC and staff are amazing. You can truly tell they are passionate about helping people be their best self. Our little man is always made to feel special, like he’s part of the family. I highly recommend Gabaldon Chiropractic.

Victoria D. Gray

New moms – run, don’t walk, to Gabaldon Chiropractic. I’ve been having latch difficulties with my newborn daughter since Day 1. We have tried just about everything I could think of, from a tongue and lip tie revision, to multiple lactation consultant visits, to craniosacral therapy and nothing was helping. She’d latch fine on the left side but wanted nothing to do with the right and you could tell it was uncomfortable for her. A friend (who is also a LC) in Jacksonville recommended seeking chiropractic care. I’m so glad I did. After her first adjustment, she latched with ZERO PROBLEMS on the right side. It was like she had been doing it all along it looked so comfortable to her (and felt so comfortable for me). And based on her reaction, chiropractic care was seemingly the least invasive course of action we have sought. I highly recommend Dr. Gabaldon to take great care of your kiddos; she’s a mom herself and just “gets it” and can truly help.

Lauren Leetun